Beam – Black Lives Matter Statement


As an organisation we have taken time to reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement and recognise that we must do more. 

We have always believed that for art to be successful in the public realm it must be fully representative of the community that it serves, but now we must develop concrete actions to make this a reality.

We have long recognised that we need to take stronger action to promote diversity across our organisation and work – from our procurement processes for Artists, Consultants and Trustees, to the communities we engage in the process of project delivery. As an organisation we know we need to take these positive intentions and turn them into an action plan for delivery now, to ensure our organisation and work is diverse, representative of society and to redress the balance. 

We are committed to educating our organisation and will seek to grow our knowledge to help us make meaningful changes to our processes ensuring that we are enabling opportunities for BAME artists, creatives and communities both now and into the future. 

We will share our plans here as they develop.


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