During March and April 2024 we worked with Castleford children, young people and community groups to engage them in conversations about the future of their area through creative activities.

Beam led interactive consultation sessions with community groups and collaborated with Artist Emmeline North, supported by Harriet Lawson, to develop a range of creative activities aimed at exploring children and young people’s visions for the future of Castleford.

In addition to existing regeneration work underway in Castleford Wakefield Council has been earmarked an additional £20m of government funding to improve the area, through the Long-Term Plan. The Long-Term Plan will be a 10-year vision document, accompanied by an investment plan for the first 3-years of delivery.

Outcomes of the artist-led engagement work, including ideas around the key themes of safety & security, heritage, high streets & regeneration and transport & connectivity have been fed through into a final engagement report which will help to inform and shape the Long Term Plan.

Find out more about the regeneration of Castleford and have your say via this website.

Images © Nicholas Singleton & Beam.


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