Artist Commission Opportunity:

Celebrating Featherstone’s Mining Heritage Public Art Commission, West Yorkshire.

Featherstone Town Council are seeking an experienced artist to create a unique, permanent public artwork to celebrate the rich mining heritage of the town that incorporates 2 original mining wheel halves through a sensitive and contemporary approach.



Budget: £42,000 + VAT
Timeframe: August 2022 – September 2023
Deadline for applications: 9am Monday 25th July 2022

Aims of the commission

  • Create an engaging, high quality, bespoke and unique artwork(s) that celebrates Featherstone’s mining heritage incorporating the two half mining wheels
  • Have a positive impact on the experiences and perceptions of Featherstone residents and visitors
  • Create work that will be permanent, robust, vandal resistant, low maintenance and durable for a minimum of 25 years

The appointed artist must strike a delicate balance between celebrating and commemorating the mining heritage of Featherstone whilst also creating a design that is contemporary and future facing.

The artwork will take a physical/ visual three-dimensional form and may incorporate other artforms such as creative writing / poetry/ text. The artwork will be situated on a large grassed area next to a key vehicle gateway into the town which is also used by pedestrians and cyclists. It is essential that engagement with residents, children and young people is embedded from the start to build local ownership of the project.

Download the full brief here.

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