As part of Beam’s work for North East Lincolnshire Council to develop a Creativity Strategy, we have been working with creatives from the area to develop a series of short commissions exploring what creativity is and what it means in North East Lincolnshire.

Sound Artist Duncan Chapman created ‘Soundmarks of North East Lincolnshire’ a brand new soundscape which explores the audio landscape of the area. Including sounds of the seaside in Cleethorpes and the testing of alarms in the power plants in Immingham, the soundscape is an audio journey around the borough, highlighting the uniqueness of the place.

Duncan explained: “Talking with the communities of NE Lincs about how the sounds of the district have changed and what sounds they most connect with where they live has revealed connections between people and place as well as the industrial and rural character of the district.

“Some of the sounds evoked individual and personal memories (the sounds of grandchildren laughing), while others are a more shared experience (the fog horns on the Humber Bank).

“Tracing a journey between the individual and collective, they create a sonic portrait of the area. Asking people about the soundscape and how it has changed is a valuable way of discovering things about place and the people who inhabit it.

“It has been fascinating to explore this and to collect and work with the sounds and now to be able to share them with the rest of the world.”

Hear the full audio commission here:

A second commission by Grimsby-based lowercase theatre saw them hosting conversations with young people at a range of venues including Docks Academy, Freeman Street Market and Nunsthorpe Community Centre and specific sessions for Franklin College students and Flourish, for adults with additional needs. These sessions captured what creativity means to young people, and what their aspirations are for the future.

During drop-in sessions, participants were provided with a large map of North East Lincolnshire which was used prompt questions such as ‘Where do you find creativity in North East Lincolnshire?” and “What are your favourite places in the area?” to spark conversation, storytelling, and to delve further into what creativity means to participants.

Participants’ also discussed their creative journeys; their upbringing, whether they were influenced by their family or friends, if they studied a creative subject, to where they are today and aspirations for the future of North East Lincolnshire’s Creative Sector.

Comments from participants included:

“I used to think that in Grimsby, people typically didn’t see creativity as a strong value to have or something to appreciate, but actually going to Uni and coming back I’m realising there actually is a strong body of creativity and people who do want to keep making it better.”

“Creativity is picking it up and figuring it out. That’s what makes you creative. It’s also about connection, conversation, friendship and supporting each other.”

Filmmaker Micky Parsons, who documented the projects, said: “It was a great experience to document and showcase the strengths of local talent, to highlight the unique landscape of North East Lincolnshire, which illustrates why our corner of the world is so special.”


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