Recently installed artwork, Tapestries, is a colourful celebration of Dewsbury Town Centre, specifically the people, architecture and the built environment. It is part of the Dewsbury Creative Town programme.

Artists Lenny & Whale worked with people who shop, work and socialise in Dewsbury town centre to capture a series of photographic portraits which became central to the designs as the work developed.

Many of the shapes, textures and patterns that are used in the three Tapestries image panels were collected from across the town. Colours were sampled from clothing, fabrics, foods and textures also found in the town.

Lenny & Whale have woven together colours, textures and portraits in the creation of a work that is full of vibrancy, fun and optimism for the future of Dewsbury.

The patterns and floral images developed through the process of making the work, mirror the growth, hopes and possibilities as new seeds are shared and planted.

The artwork is installed on the side of the Connect Housing building on Bond Street, Dewsbury.

Artists Lenny & Whale worked with photographers Timm Cleasby & Yvonne Roberts and mentee artist Lisa Knight.

With thanks to all of the Dewsbury residents featured in this artwork.

Photos: credit Timm Cleasby





Film produced by Opal Video

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