Wakefield Council commissioned this guide to provide a framework for the implementation of murals and 2D art in the public realm across the Wakefield district.

The guide supplements the Wakefield Public Art Framework, which outlines a vision to put creativity at centre stage of the Wakefield district, to tell Wakefield’s story, providing a bridge between the industrial past of the district and its creative future, inspiring future generations.

The Guide to Developing Murals & 2D Artwork has been created by cultural development organisation Beam in collaboration with artist Emmeline North, through consultation with district-wide stakeholders.

This guide and supplementary appendices have been designed to offer inspiration, highlighting a range of possibilities alongside practical and flexible guidance on how to successfully embed murals and 2D art across the district, taking a dynamic yet cohesive approach.

Whether you are a Council employee, commercial developer, run a community group or work as a practising artist, this guide offers an insight into the whole process from kickstarting an idea, to engaging people and making it happen.

Click here to download the guide and supplementary appendices .

Image © Westgate’s Hidden Stories, Wakefield, by Ekaterina Sheath

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