2022 continued to be a busy year for Beam. As we emerged from the pandemic we’ve been delighted to get back to more in person delivery and face to face conversations.

As Creative Producers, our work in 2022 has encompassed permanent public art commissions, temporary artist-led interventions, creative consultation and socially engaged residencies, in a broad spectrum of urban and rural contexts.

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“2022 was an exciting and productive year as we worked with artists, communities and clients to deliver a wider than ever range of projects. These included completing the final phases of the ten-year Walking Together project at Markham Vale and major elements of longer-term programmes such as Dewsbury Creative Town.

The increasing diversity of our work is reflected through the rural programme Tees-Swale Creatively Connected, Snap Time and Fighting From Home with communities in the Wakefield district and Stairfoot Public Art.

The place-based strategies written during the year show the importance of our work in strategic development and regeneration in the region. Strategic development of Beam included growing our Board and, as part of our work on EDI, commissioning field research into barriers faced by artists with protected characteristics working in the public realm. We will build on the findings in 2023.”

Gordon Watson, Chair of Beam Board of Trustees.

Image credit: Our Country Lives by Joanne Coates, Photo (c) Wendy McDonnell

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