‘Lit Fest in a Day’ went on tour between 2015-17, seeing Beam bring high quality arts activity to areas of the Wakefield District with least arts engagement, building capacity and strengthening engagement with community partners. The fourth and final ‘Lit Fest in Day’ took place in Castleford.

We worked in partnership with Castleford Heritage Trust and lead artist Joyce Branagh to develop  and  deliver  Castleford  Born  &  Bread:  Castleford  Lit  Fest  in  a  Day  on  Saturday  20 May 2017 as the final event in our strategic touring programme. The event attracted approximately 400 visitors and included a range of activities and special guests including Colson Smith, Toria Garbutt and Mark Thomas. This event has resulted in a short film showcasing highlights from the festival.

A second film by Paul Cooke animates a number of the children’s stories created during the festival.


Image source: http://www.mcdowellbenedetti.com

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