Graeme Mitcheson was commissioned by Wakefield Council to create an ambitious and contemporary permanent artwork at a key gateway to the City Fields housing development. Graeme wanted to create an artwork that reflected the natural environment of the area with particular emphasis on key water features and the green open space beyond to act as a welcome for visitors, residents and workers, as well as supporting the development of the identity of this new neighbourhood.

Following significant research and community engagement, Graeme Mitcheson designed a bespoke permanent sculpture that seeks to reaffirm the historical significance of the nearby canal and also act as a significant gateway feature to this rapidly developing area.

Graeme Mitcheson said:

“The sculpture was inspired by the canal that transformed the fortunes and future of Wakefield back in the 19th Century. It celebrates the city’s waterways and the role they still play in the city and throughout the district.”

The sculpture takes its shape and scale from the impressive lock gates at the nearby canal, constructed only a stones throw from the site at Stanley Ferry. Stanley Ferry Workshop is one of only two places in the UK where lock gates are manufactured and refurbished, with almost 100 individual gates handcrafted every year. 

Ever Glow is built from 2 concrete pillars, the reverse side of the sculpture references the pattern of a lock gate. The front of the sculpture features blue coloured glass and is inspired by a photograph of the canal taken during a walk the artist took with members of a local walking group. The blue reflection of the glass is captured on a granite terrace that also features an engraved poem written especially for the site by local poet, Laura Potts entitled Fieldsong.

Image (c) Wakefield Council.

Press photo:

L/R – Kate Watson (Principal Consultant at Beam) Tristram Hope (Structural Engineer) Ross Fullwood (Contractor) Kieran Gelder (Project Manager) Cllr Stuart Heptinstall, Cllr Michael Graham, Graeme Mitcheson (Artist) Laura Potts (Poet)

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