Artists from Broadbent Studio were commissioned by Wakefield Council to design this series of new artworks for City Fields inspired by local wildlife. 

The 5 artworks show the adaptability of wildlife, as they weave their way along this green corridor, bending and twisting their bodies through their surroundings. 

The animals referenced within the artworks have been inspired by the notable species listed in the Ferry Flash Site of Special Scientific Interest. 

Stephen said:

“I was inspired to create something that would connect the people of City Fields with the local landscape.”

Broadbent Studio collaborated with CB Arts to produce the artworks. 

Living Landscape is situated off Neil Fox Way opposite the City Fields Avant Homes estate (WF1 5HF) and marks the entrance to a walk along the side of the River Calder.

An interactive kit has been designed to engage children in learning about local wildlife. This kit is available for schools to book out free of charge from Wakefield library.

The artworks feature: 

Grass Snake, Barn Owl, , Harvest Mouse , Purple Hairstreak Butterfly, River Lamprey , Kestrel , Daubenton’s Bat , Palmate Newt , Trout , Kingfisher , Water Shrew , Mining Bee , Grey Partridge , White Clawed Crayfish , Common Hawker , Water Vole , Common Hawker , Lesser Spotted Woodpecker , European Eel , Otter , Badger , Toad , Sand Martin , Damselfly , Fox , Hare , Water Beetle, Bee.

Image (c) Wakefield Council.

Press photo: L/R   – Kate Watson (Principal Consultant at Beam)  Richard Bowler (Towns fund development manager) Cllr Michael Graham, Stephen and Lorraine Broadbent (Artist)

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