Beam worked in partnership with the Friends of Altofts Library (FOAL) and lead artist Becky Cherriman to deliver Our Treasures: Altofts Festival in a Day on Saturday 24 September 2016 scheduled at the start of the wider Wakefield Lit Fest 2016.

The programme developed under the theme ‘Our Treasures’ and included a number of sessions in the run up to the festival such as:  bookbinding workshops with artist Timid Elk, writing workshops with the community and local Primary Schools.


The festival itself included a range of guest artists, writers and activities including: That Poetry Bloke – Craig Bradley; Timid Elk; Reet So; Alan and Carol Walker; Frank English; Steve Beddard; John Irving Clarke; Treasured Stories Trail – by Becky Cherriman; A Firm of Poets; Comedy sketch by local amateur drama group; Jimmy Andrex; Live music from: Lisa Hambleton, The Driven and Scarlet Rain and ukulele duo Maisie and Grace and Kate Fox.


Becky devoted a lot of time to getting to know the community and the place, talking to many residents and different groups. Becky proceeded to develop a series of poems dedicated to Altofts and the people she met. These poems were performed during the event on a programmed walk. They have since been recorded and are now available to download (below) accompanied by a map and PDF of the manuscript to enable anyone to walk the route and listen to the bespoke poems (download via arrow symbol at the bottom of this section).

This project was funded through the Arts Council Strategic Touring fund, Wakefield Neighbourhood Improvement Fund and Wakefield Councils’ Culture Creates funding .


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