Beam was commissioned by Selby District Council in early 2020 to develop a new Cultural Development Framework for the District.

We researched the area to understand what is special and important about Selby District in partnership with the Cultural Development Officer and emerging Creative Drivers group. As the development of the framework took place during 2020 the impact of COVID-19 required the engagement approach to be shifted to a virtual process. Whilst not ideal, this allowed for more focused and detailed conversations, and time to respond to the emerging challenges of the pandemic and to local government reorganisation in North Yorkshire.

Beam spoke directly to a wide range of individuals and organisations throughout the district to understand their needs and carried out wider public consultation to find out more about what the communities of the district of Selby feel about culture and what they’d like to see in the future. 

The final framework covers a five-year period with a more detailed approach developed in the first three years. There are three phases to this framework: 

Phase 1 – Demonstrate the case for culture

Phase 2 – Create the environment for culture to become established

Phase 3 – Create the environment for culture to grow and flourish. 


The framework has now been formally adopted and delivery has commenced. The executive summary can be viewed here.






Banner image credit: Pilgrim by Nayan Kulkarni, commissioned as part of Selby 950. Photo by Duncan Lomax, Ravage Productions. 

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