The Principal Towns Team and the Stairfoot Ward Alliance invited artist Andrew Small to create these unique artworks to enhance the experience for residents and visitors using the Trans- Pennine Trail through the Stairfoot area in Barnsley.

In October 2021 Andrew Small installed a series of artworks depicting animated animals indigenous to the area that only move when you move. 

The technique utilises the moire effect creating an optical illusion each showing a different animal – a rabbit, stoat, fox, red kite, blue tit and a squirrel. 

Andrew worked closely with a project steering group including representatives from the Principal Towns Team, Central Council Area Team, Stairfoot Ward Alliance, Stairfoot Station Heritage Park Group, the Youth Association and Beam as well as creative workshops with Barnsley Academy Secondary School to develop the idea.

This project is the first in a number of new artworks designed specifically for Stairfoot so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements in the next few months.

stairfoot animation signage and artwork




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