We are delighted to kick start a new Beam project focused on equity, diversity and inclusion through the appointment of Bo Olawoye as Diverse Artist Network Coordinator.

Bo will be researching, engaging and developing a network of diverse organisations and diverse artists at varying career stages to explore the barriers they face in developing their practice in the public art sector. The work will result in creating a forward plan and fundraising to effectively support and advocate for a more diverse range of artists working in the public art sector.


Bo is a Nottingham based independent Creative Engagement Manager and Consultant who is dedicated to making innovative arts projects in collaboration with diverse communities, young people, marginalised groups, artists and creatives. Her work explores race, identity, place and social justice issues. She has 20 years experience working in the visual arts sector locally, nationally and internationally. Find Bo on instagram and twitter.

Bo said – “I’m really honoured to have been appointed to this unique role at Beam which aims to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce of artist educators in the area of place-based public engagement. The sector would be much richer and truly reflect the communities it collaborates with.”

We’ll be sharing more about the project and how to get involved over the coming months.


Portrait image credit: Traci Kelly

Banner Image: Our Country Lives, Joanne Coates by Wendy McDonnell.

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