We are seeking an artist to develop a creative outdoor temporary intervention during Heritage Open Days 2022 that engages the public with Dewsbury’s textile heritage shining a light on innovation.

Budget: £4,000 + VAT if applicable
Timeframe: July – September 2022
Deadline: 9am Thursday 30th June 2022


The artist will explore and celebrate some of the lesser known stories of the town’s textile heritage creating an external installation / display / experience that engages the public in a way that is relevant to today. The work will be shared during the Heritage Open Days festival (HOD), this year the theme for HOD is exploring England’s history of invention and innovation.

The work will be located on Union Street (between the junctions of Bond Street and Croft Street) in Dewsbury town centre. The work should be installed for the minimum duration of 9th-18th September however there is a preference for it to be in place longer. The work should be designed to draw attention to the street, stimulate curiosity and support more positive associations with the street moving forward.

The artist will consider the legacy of the project from the outset to ensure that some elements of the work can be reused, recycled, form future resources etc and that the process / outcome is documented in some form.

The artwork will take a visual form but may include/combine with other artforms if desirable. We are open to how the artist might wish to realise their work e.g. paint, vinyl, banners, street dressings, projections and whether that may incorporate existing infrastructure such as paving, lamp posts, railings, windows etc (subject to permissions).

Download the full brief for full details and how to apply.

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