Emma doesn’t work in a specific artform – rather she incorporates art materials with processes and routines from everyday life to illuminate the grassroots experiences of people in various communities. For her project for South Pennines Park, she worked with Together Housing in Haslingden and The Whitaker in Rawtenstall.

Emma talks about her projects:

I am enthused and intrigued by the quirks, characters and narratives of individuals. Through a reference to the human figure, line, text and use of everyday materials and processes, I aim to illuminate the grassroots experiences of people in various communities; providing a creative platform to make work about their experiences of nature and heritage, an opportunity to visually challenge systemic inequalities whilst simultaneously experiencing the wellbeing aspect of the art-making process as makers/co-producers.

My sub-project theme ‘Together, We Green’ A celebration of people’s interactions with the green of SPP from their Haslingden homes, on their doorstep and to th’ills has resulted in a series of images which depict people’s (my co-creators) interactions with the South Pennines Map and captures their experiences of both the urban and the rural.

These are supplemented by playful plant and human portrait analogue photography, homages/temporal shrines to significant plants and their associated stories, intuitive ink drawings of those plants, collagraph prints of bouquets assembled from a communal garden space and cellulose acetate shoe sole shapes capturing a selected view along with descriptions of the objects encountered on the walk to get there.

A selection was assembled into final images for a set of celebratory bunting flags for each space! Establishing regular participants through spontaneous conversation and a hand-posted leaflet exercise plus delivering in public spaces enabled a wider and unpredictable level of engagement and so, people ‘cutting through’ to access the town centre had the opportunity to become part of the project. Likewise, after Session 1 in the Coach House space at The Whitaker, session 2 & 3 were delivered next to the main entrance and extended the invitation to passers-by or visitors to the park or museum!


Film & image credits: Studio Bokehgo

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