Karol is a community radio journalist, photographer and artist based in Shipley, West Yorkshire. As his project for South Pennines Park, he worked with Artworks, an art school, gallery and studios in Halifax and Wadsworth Community Centre in Hebden Bridge to create photo essays on the theme of “My South Pennines”.


Karol talks about his project Your South Pennines:

I took my students on a journey into the world of photography, particularly reportage photography. In my workshops, we discovered the power of narrative, context and concept. We looked at composition, learned about old masters and contemporary artists and discovered the art of still images. 

The aim was for each of the participants to create their own unique photo essay about the South Pennines Park and to explore the relationship they have with the land they live on.


People have really embraced the artistic process. After many discussions, days of shooting, clarifying ideas – images have been paired with much-needed context and we had the birth of content; a message. I’m really proud of my students. Each had managed to not only create a wonderful work of art but also express themselves in it. This was very much a fun, inspiring and mind-opening experience that has brought us all closer to the South Pennines and to ourselves. 


Image and film credits: Studio Bokehgo






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